viernes, 25 de mayo de 2012

Virtual box Seamless mode not working

I'm running Linux Mint. In the past two weeks i struggle to get Debian 6 "Squeeze" installed on a new 16GB SanDisk pendrive. After installing the system for almost 30 times, spend a whole day downloading packages (thanks to the net install cd) i discovered there was no support for some features i had on Ubuntu.

The hability to create a working adhoc network was missing. Not sure how to fix it, i installed some packages from synaptic (i got a kernel panic several times hehe) i decided to try ubuntu.

Unity is not my fave feature of ubuntu so i changed the distro to Linux Mint 13. After install the system, resize the swap partition (was too big for a pendrive), I installed the Virtual Box Guest Additions. It worked fine except i couldn't use "Seamless Mode".

I googled the whole morning for a solution and i found this


The solution is

open a terminal

sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf

in the section

Section "Device"
        Identifier      "Configured Video Device"
        Driver          "vesa"

change "vesa" to "vboxvideo".

Save changes and reboot the system.

After you see the desktop, press [HOST] + L and you are ready to use Seamless mode.

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